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How To Deliver Effective Feedback To Employees

Digital Course That Teaches How To Deliver Effective Feedback To Employees

To be a successful Manager, you need to be skilled at giving both praise and constructive feedback. The art of delivering feedback is not easy. But it is certainly an important skill worth mastering.

With this short course, you will understand why feedback matters and master how to deliver effective feedback.

A Guide for Effective One-on-Ones

FREE Guide For Effective One-on-Ones

This Guide will help you prepare, plan and conduct 1:1s effectively to promote team & individual growth, build long-lasting relationships, garner trust in the team, lead with influence, and create an empowered team.

A Workbook to Facilitate Difficult Conversations

FREE Workbook To Facilitate Difficult Conversations At Work

Difficult Conversations are inevitable, unavoidable. ​Don’t put off conversations just because they are inconvenient or hard. Use this Worksheet to gain clarity and move forward with Difficult Conversations.