New Manager Bootcamp

Why do first-time Managers need training?

New Manager Need Coaching
New Managers Need Coaching

Management is a hard job. There is no operational manual for it. Most Managers get little to no training. They are expected to learn on the job. This is not effective.

Don’t settle for learning on the job.

Invest in your learning.

Overcome the Challenges of Management

  1. Feeling overwhelmed by constant fire-fighting?
  2. Unable to grow and inspire your team?
  3. Lacking clarity on how to deliver value?
  4. Avoiding difficult conversations?
  5. Terrified about managing the performance of your employees?
  6. Struggling to provide feedback that results in change?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I am here to help. I have been in your shoes. I have experienced first-hand, several challenges in building well-performant teams. Learn from my mistakes. I can save you hours of trial ‘n’ error. Master tools and techniques, frameworks and systems that actually work. The New Manager Bootcamp is designed to be concise, easy to understand, effective, and actionable.

Register for the New Manager Bootcamp

Cost: $750.00

Dates: Oct 3 – Oct 30, 2022

Payment Deadline: Oct 2, 2022

Who is this program for?

The New Manager Bootcamp is right for you if you

  • Are an aspiring manager and want to learn the fundamental skills required to manage a team
  • Are a first-time manager and want help understanding and navigating the multiple aspects of team management
  • Are overwhelmed and ready to let go of the chaos and struggle
  • Feel stumped in your career growth and need help to reach your goals
  • Are willing to invest in your learning and understand that career growth works in tandem with personal growth

What is the program about?

The New Manager Bootcamp is a 4-week virtual group coaching program that focuses on core competencies required for first-time Managers to succeed at their job.


Enrollment is limited to 6 per Cohort allowing for honest conversations and deep learning.

Are you ready to invest in your learning?

Register for the New Manager Bootcamp

Cost: $750.00

Dates: Oct 3 – Oct 30, 2022

Payment Deadline: Oct 2, 2022

What are the desired outcomes of this program?

The New Manager Bootcamp will enable you to

  1. Develop clarity on your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Learn how to operate and deliver value as a Manager
  3. Hire, onboard & retain your people
  4. Set the right expectations that are aligned with goals and priorities
  5. Grow your people by building a career progression plan for them
  6. Make performance discussions a positive experience
  7. Effectively resolve conflicts and navigate difficult conversations
  8. Provide meaningful and actionable feedback

What is included as part of this program?

With the New Manager Bootcamp, you get

  • 4 live group coaching sessions, one 60-minute session per week conducted virtually over Zoom
  • Exercises with each module to apply newly learned skills, strategies, and frameworks
  • Access to a Resource Vault containing worksheets, templates, and guides
  • BONUS – One individual 45-minute 1:1 with Aparna

Course Overview


  1. Develop enterprise and growth mindsets.
  2. Get super clear about your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Understand core skills needed to deliver value as a manager.


  1. Master hiring & onboarding strategies to hire for success.
  2. Set the right expectations and align the team’s activities with goals and priorities.
  3. Build a team culture focused on problem-solving and accountability.


  1. Get to know your team members. Build a career progression plan for them.
  2. Have productive 1:1s. Inspire & Empower your team members.
  3. Gain frameworks to make performance discussions a positive experience.


  1. Don’t avoid, instead navigate difficult conversations.
  2. Recognize and resolve conflicts in a timely manner.
  3. Learn how to provide effective feedback, create psychological safety, and build trust.

About Aparna

the Course Creator & your Instructor

As a Leadership Coach, I work with new and aspiring Managers to help them overcome chaos and frantic fire-fighting. I do so by training you in core management skills and unlocking your strengths so you can discover your unique leadership style.

I have been a technologist for 18 years and have held a variety of roles in Software Engineering and Management at companies like Amazon, Ticketmaster, PayPal, and America Online. Working with tech companies has given me a deep understanding of the mindset and skillset required to create successful teams. 

Aparna Bavle
The New Manager Bootcamp is based on my experience in the software industry. I believe new and aspiring Managers can be set up for success when they are trained in the fundamentals of management. The transition from individual contributor to Manager is a difficult one. With this Bootcamp, I wish to enable you with core management skills, strategies, and frameworks needed to function as a successful Manager.

Level Up Your Management Skills

Register for the New Manager Bootcamp

Cost: $750.00

Dates: Oct 3 – Oct 30, 2022

Payment Deadline: Oct 2, 2022


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