Aparna Bavle

Hello, I am Aparna Bavle!

Welcome! I am a Leadership Coach for new and aspiring Managers. After 20 years of adding value to software engineering teams, and working with companies like Amazon, Ticketmaster, PayPal, and America Online, I embarked on the journey to entrepreneurship. My mission in life is to inspire and empower people to do their best and create a lasting impact. I am passionate about mentoring and supporting women in technology. I believe that a balance between people and technology is the key to better experiences and well-performing teams.

My coaching style is based on Strengths. I help my clients to identify and gain awareness of their strengths & growth areas. When they align their work with their strengths, they are set up for success. I help them get out of their comfort zone, seek growth and find their true passions. I believe in simplifying priorities and getting intentional with doing what’s really important.

My Journey

I Loved Building Great Software

I spent my early career as a Software Engineer. I enjoyed partnering with product managers, UX designers, and software engineers in designing, coding, and delivering quality software for real customers and seeing how my products and features contributed to their success.
Aparna Bavle

This Has To Change

My first time as a Manager was rough. I was overwhelmed with the change in role, multiple tasks to oversee, lack of training, and minimal support system. I realized I couldn’t operate like this. I needed to be prepared and proactive. So, I observed leaders; read books and blogs; and invested in my self-learning.

Growth & Success

Things started to change. I applied my learnings and I began to thrive. I created tools and repeatable frameworks that worked and built multiple teams based on core values of growth, autonomy, trust, and delivery.

I started to unblock my team members, and empower and grow them. I built a strong team culture where everyone brought their strengths to the table and balanced the team.

Aparna Bavle

The Turning Point 

Down the road, I had an opportunity to mentor new Managers, I realized they were going thru the exact same pain points. There still was a gap in training, coaching, and support available for aspiring and first-time managers. They had to deal with roadmap churn, changing priorities, low team morale, lack of communication, and constant fire-fighting. I observed they had become reactive, just as I was, many years ago.

The new Managers that I was mentoring and coaching were able to leverage my experience, tips, tools, techniques, systems, and frameworks to develop their people and deliver value. Their careers started to grow, there was improved communication and increased collaboration. They started delivering incredible business value and their teams started performing well, even in remote working conditions.

That was the turning point for me. That’s when I decided to turn into a Leadership Coach. I decided to launch my coaching business and apply my learnings and experience to make the journey of new and aspiring managers a little easy. I absolutely love what I am doing now.

Lead With Confidence

Excel As A Manager Through Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 coaching is ideal for growth and development because it offers personalized guidance to address your specific needs and goals. This coaching will enable you to enhance your management skills, grow your team and advance your career.